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  • Double Oil Life with Filtration Technology

Double Oil Life with Filtration Technology

Apr 04 2013

Smiles Engineering (UK), specialist engine repower company, has introduced an oil life extension service, including innovative oil analysis and the fitting of filtration systems to extend the life of oil. Initial results indicate that oil life can be doubled, with the potential for extensions of three or four times the normal life of oil.

The company is using its engineering expertise to fit extended oil life system (EOLS) filters provided by IPU Group to Arriva North East and Stagecoach buses.

The filters act as oil cleaning systems that, through the unique dual action of evaporation and filtration, remove harmful contaminants from engine, transmission and hydraulic oils. This provides extended oil life and drain intervals, resulting in reduced engine wear and damage.

To support this, Smiles Engineering has invested in oil analysis equipment, meaning the company can examine oil samples for contaminants and signs of degrading. The equipment gives bus operators the peace of mind that they should only need to change their oil once every two months when utilising the filtration systems.

Gordon Mockett, Managing Director at Smiles Engineering commented: “Our oil analysis technology acts as a blood test for oil, allowing us to quickly examine oil for signs of degradation and inform bus operators on whether it needs to be changed. This saves money and minimises vehicle off-road time by providing a quick and easy means of testing oil, meaning it is not changed unnecessarily.

“We have currently installed the EOLS filters in fourteen buses and are extremely pleased with the initial results. Our data will be used to demonstrate the significant benefits of oil life extension technology, which include money savings, lower environmental impact and greater efficiency."



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