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Filtration Separation Engineering Solutions  

Mar 19 2010

Porvair Filtration (UK) is an engineering company specialising in filtration and separation technologies.

Drawing upon many years of problem-solving experience - technical specialists from the Microfiltrex division of Porvair Filtration Group can discuss and propose filtration / separation based engineering solutions for the nuclear power generation, fuel manufacture, waste treatment and storage sectors.

The nuclear industry demands special standards of performance and quality. Filtration is often the barrier between the environment and hazardous radiological or toxic processes. Originally chosen by the UK CEGB to replace existing filter systems in the UK nuclear reactor network, our filters now protect vital systems and the environment from harmful particulate around the world.

The Microfiltrex division of Porvair Filtration Group designs complete systems to meet the demands of virtually any application including powder transport in the fuel manufacturing sector ; final grinding coolant (liquid and air) ; sintering furnace and conversion oven off-gas ; disposable and cleanable filters for active liquors ; fluidised bed venting ; spent fuel dry storage pre-processing ; reactor safety relief valve and containment venting protection and crossflow liquid waste volume reduction.



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