• BIOSTABLE reduces Ammonia Emissions from Pig Farms

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BIOSTABLE reduces Ammonia Emissions from Pig Farms

Sep 14 2009

QM Environmental Services recently launched a new product named BioStable, for ammonia reduction in pig and chicken breeding farms. Scientific research demonstrated that the use of BioStable quickly reduces ammonia emission. This feature has a positive impact on the animals living in stables. They experience less stress and develop less respiratory tract diseases. Because of this food conversion will improve. BioStable is composed of fermented plant and algae extracts which allow the complete uptake of vitamins, trace elements and enzymes in the product by the naturally occurring microorganisms. This results in a more stable ecosystem in the stable, an effective degradation of the manure, less ammonia emmission to the atmosphere and improved living conditions for the animals which therefore experience less stress and disseases and have a reduced mortality. Pilot studies in both pig and chicken breeding farms demonstrated up to 70% reduction in ammonia emissions, increased weight of the animals and 4 to 6% less mortality. For more information contact QM Environmental Services Ltd.


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