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Jun 12 2009

Leading air pollution control solutions company ERG (UK) have recently concluded two deals to enhance its position at the forefront of the air quality treatment industry. The first was the purchase from Accentus plc. of the intellectual property rights to the V-tex™ vortex scrubbing technology. V-tex™ uses process intensification techniques to efficiently treat gaseous waste streams. It typically delivers a removal efficiency of better than 99% for gaseous contaminants, such as acid or alkali gasses, halogens and other soluble contaminants and readily removes particulates. The deal capitalises on the licensing arrangement for the process that ERG has held for many years. Commenting on this transaction Philip Agg, Managing Director of Accentus plc, said: “We are delighted to sell the V-tex™ technology rights to ERG. Since 2002 they have been a leading licensee of this technology, and the V-tex™ vortex is a perfect complement to their
scrubbing technology portfolio. ERG is also strategically placed with an established client base and the reputation to be able to exploit the V-tex™ market potential”.
James Scott-Bowden, Managing Director of ERG added “With the addition of V-tex™ ownership to our range, we are now in a better position to meet some of the more demanding requirements of our clients at an economic level”. V-tex™ is especially useful in confined spaces and where there are variable flow rates”.
The second deal saw the acquisition of Air Pollution Control Process Engineering Ltd. Over the past 35 years they have built up an enviable reputation and unparalleled depth of expertise within the air pollution control market by offering turn-key systems and design consultancy to blue-chip clients across diverse processing industries, such as Pfizer, Pirelli, Westinghouse and Alcoa. In particular, Air Pollution Control Process Engineering have unrivalled expertise in tray scrubbers, venturi scrubbers and high temperature quenches.


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