• ERG`s water regenerable carbon filter cuts operating costs by 75%

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ERG`s water regenerable carbon filter cuts operating costs by 75%

Oct 22 2009

The Middle East office of Horsham-based ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd. has successfully supplied and commissioned the first of a new generation of odour control systems at a pumping station in Ajman, one of the United Arab Emirates. The odour control system uses the novel combination of a catalytic iron roughing filter followed by a carbon polishing filter using the latest water regenerable carbon technology. Thanks to the regenerable carbon, the system’s operating costs are 75% lower than an odour control system using conventional impregnated carbon.

Ajman, with a population of 260,000, is the smallest of the seven emirates making up the UAE in the Arabian Gulf. Black & Veatch, as the lead contractor, were commissioned to install a new sewer network and waste water treatment works for the city. As part of the new network one of the pumping stations was located in a built up area, where odours needed to be controlled.

Black & Veatch selected ERG as the provider for the odour control system based on ERG’s long experience in sewage treatment odour control systems. ERG recommended a design using a catalytic iron in the first stage filter to reduce H2S levels by 50% or more. It is followed by the water regenerable carbon filter, which has been proven at the site to reduce odour below detectable limits.

The 1 tonne of carbon media in the second stage filter is designed to perform for up to 6 months, after which it can be regenerated in the vessel via a simple process. The filter is filled with fresh water and left to soak for 1 hour. It is then flushed through and left to dry for up to 24 hours. Once dry it is good to go and will perform for a further 6 months. The carbon will last for up to 8 regeneration cycles giving 4 years performance. This compares with a traditional caustic impregnated carbon filter which would be spent after only 6 months and would need to be completely replenished.

Ian Cooper, Project Manager for Black & Veatch, commented: “ERG’s water regenerable carbon system is the perfect solution for this application. The odour control performance fully meets our specifications and the cost savings translate into hard cash.”

Richard Hanson, Middle East Director for ERG, added: “Water regenerable carbon is an ideal technology for the Middle East where reduced running costs and minimal operator involvement are so important in technology selection. We expect it to become widely adopted, especially as the climate is so completely suited to the regeneration cycle of warm water washing and drying. Already we are evaluating this technology for other pumping stations in the region.”


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