• Compliance Hinges on Technology Selection

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Compliance Hinges on Technology Selection

Dec 09 2020

Not all environmental technologies are created equal. How do you make the best choice on such a significant decision? Start by assessing these qualities and asking the following questions to any potential environmental technology partner.

Engineering Experience and Expertise

Any potential technology suppliers should have a proven record of engineering experience across three key dimensions: company and employee legacy, industry and application depth, and global reach. A company with multiple planes of experience will ensure you are getting the best custom solution tailored uniquely to your application.


  • What is the depth of your engineers’ experience?
  • How many successful installations do you have in my industry?
  • Who will my project manager be, and can I meet them?

Why Anguil?

Anguil’s legacy of broad industry experience means our engineering experts are not pigeon-holed to a limited product portfolio to solve every application. We instead leverage perspectives gained to design creative, custom solutions specific to your application.

Quality Design and Manufacturing for System Reliability

Your selected environmental technology partner should have a proven process in place for design and manufacturing processes to ensure your equipment is not only delivered on time and on budget, but that it meets performance and compliance requirements.


  • How is your fabrication process managed?
  • What kind of Quality Assurance program is in place?
  • What technology is leveraged during system design?

Why Anguil?

Anguil uses a gate approach to fabrication and project management to ensure quality standards and schedules expectations are achieved. From engineering through commissioning and beyond, Anguil incorporates a rigorous quality management program to ensure worry-free operation.

Integrated System Controls

When evaluating a potential partner, assess their in-house controls engineering capabilities and success record with integrating multiple equipment packages and process lines. Controls designs should be remotely accessible, resilient to downtime, account for safety and compliance risks, be optimised for usability, and enable seamless integration into the existing facilities.


  • How do your controls ensure safe, efficient, and reliable operation?
  • What is your experience integrating abatement equipment and process lines?
  • What remote connection capabilities are in place?

Why Anguil?

Anguil's control systems provide the safest, most efficient, and highly reliable operation while integrating smoothly into existing plant operations. From new equipment to upgrades and retrofits, our systems utilise the latest in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based controls, touch screen interfaces, remote telemetry, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

Robust Aftermarket Services Department for All Makes, Models & Manufacturers

A reputable partner should have an accessible aftermarket and service department to maximise system value through preventive and predictive maintenance, spare parts, and emergency service. Consider the stability and vitality of any potential partner – being left without a service lifeline after a company goes out of business could leave you adrift and risk unplanned down time and compliance risk.


  • Do you have a dedicated Aftermarket department?
  • Do you offer 24/7 service support?
  • Who will be servicing my equipment? Where are they based?

Why Anguil?

With a dedicated department focused solely on Aftermarket needs, Anguil’s customers enjoy industry-leading, customer-focused service that prolongs your system’s life. Our 24/7 service hotline and robustly staffed aftermarket department are always ready to jump into action and minimise your down time.


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