• New Air Scrubbing System Provides Environmental Benefits for Synthomer

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New Air Scrubbing System Provides Environmental Benefits for Synthomer

Jul 11 2008

A new Target Plate Scrubbing System - designed, installed and commissioned by ACWA AIR (UK) - is providing effective dust control
for a PVA drying process at a Synthomer production site in Harlow.
The new plant supplements an existing gas cleaning system that no longer satisfies the environmental requirements imposed on two Rosin fluid bed dryers units installed to dry PVA (poly vinyl acetate) – a synthetic polymer widely used in the manufacture of adhesives.
The dryers are designed to use low temperature air as the drying medium.
The Harlow site forms part of the Synthomer group of companies which internationally specialises in the production of polyvinyl acetates, polyvinyl alcohols, acrylic polymers, styrene butadiene latex (SBR &Nitrile) and liquid polybutadienes (Lithene). The Company also manufactures a variety of synthetic polymer-based products ranging from paints and adhesives to textiles, speciality papers and plastics.
Scrubber Operation: In operation, exhaust air from the existing cyclonic dust collectors enters the base of the new scrubbing tower
where it is washed by a water spray which scrubs out the larger dust particles and humidifies the gas.
The saturated gases pass upwards through two target plates where they are scrubbed by water flowing across the plates to remove the remaining entrained dust particles. Target plates are modified sieve trays with baffles located above each perforation. The intense interaction of water and gas in this area results in a very efficient capture of particulates present in the gas stream.
Cleaned exhaust gases pass through a vertical chevron vane demister at the top of the tower to remove entrained water droplets before being discharged to atmosphere through a short stack. Collected PVA is returned as a slurry from the scrubber to the plant for reprocessing.
During the contract, a Hazard and Operability Study was carried out on the ACWA’s detailed process design, to ensure that all new and existing parts of the system were safely integrated and that both customer and supplier were fully aware of their individual undertakings and responsibilities. During the installation period, close co-operation between the ACWA project management team and Synthomer process operatives ensured minimum disruption to production. This close co-operation meant that the contract was completed well ahead of schedule, enabling full production to resume earlier than planned.


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