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Susan Egan Keane is the Senior Director of Global Advocacy at the Natural Resources Defence Council, a four-star charity committed to protecting and improving environmental health. Having spent a significant part of her career working on mercury monitoring, Keane now serves as the Global Coordinator of the planetGOLD programme, which works to eliminate mercury from the supply-chain of small-scale mining around the world. Once again, Keane will be participating in the International Conference...

View 15:50:00 17 Jul 2022

With over a decade of research experience, Qingru Wu is an Assistant Professor at the School of Environment at Tsinghua University in Beijing. At this year’s International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP), which will be held virtually from 24th to 29th July and for which registration is now open, Wu will host a technical session on the potential effects of climate change on the progress of the Minamata Convention. Recently, EnvirotechOnline reporter Graham Meller sat down...

View 15:50:00 17 Jul 2022

At our recent Continuous Emissions Monitoring event, Paolo Lopinto of TCR Tecora gave a 20-minute presentation on the efficacy of the EN13211 method for particular wastewater applications. Mr. Lopinto discusses:  

View 11:30:00 13 Jul 2022

Nick Molden is the founder and CEO of Emissions Analytics, which specialises in the measurement of emissions and fuel efficiency for passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as non-road mobile machinery. Molden has been a persistent advocate for independent emissions testing, has helped to develop standards and with his co-founder, Massimo Fedeli, established Allow Independent Road-testing, or AIR, a non-profit which produces an online emissions index, the AIR Index, that enables consume...

View 15:50:00 11 Jul 2022

This eLearning demonstrates how to consolidate routine analysis of multiple parameters on a modular platform. Increasing numbers of samples, multiple parameters to be determined, mandatory compliance with national and international standards – water works, bottlers of mineral water and some sectors of the process industry all face the same challenge: How to cope with more analytical tasks while human resources in the laboratory are limited? In this eLearning session we demonstrate how...

View 14:00:00 07 Apr 2022

At our recent Continuous Emissions Monitoring event, Juergen Reinmann of ENVEA gave a 15-minute presentation of a recent investigation into the use of sorption traps in mercury monitoring. Mr. Reinmann discusses: The benefits of sorption traps as an alternative method The compliance of the method The utility of sorption traps for measuring lower ELVs The potential for raising the durability of the method at higher temperatures

View 14:05:00 02 Mar 2022

At our recent Continuous Emissions Monitoring event, Andrew Dixon of Gasmet gave a  presentation on the quality assurance of mercury monitoring systems. Mr. Dixon discusses: The recent history of quality assurance in mercury monitoring Potential improvements to EN14181:2014 Which reference materials should be standard The design of test gas generators for quality assurance

View 14:20:00 02 Mar 2022

At our recent Continuous Emissions Monitoring event, Matthias Klostermann of DURAG Group gave a 15-minute presentation on the value of continuous emissions monitoring for optimising mercury reduction initatives.  Mr. Klostermann discusses: Overview about the global market for continuous mercury monitoring Introduction to the product solution we are offering Sharing international experience in regards of emission monitoring Application examples

View 13:50:00 02 Mar 2022

Biofuels, mainly derived from vegetable oils or the fermentation of plant material, have gained importance over the last few decades as more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels. However, the production of raw materials for biofuel production has led to significant deforestation and competition for agricultural farmland with traditional crops used as staple food for humans and animals. To mitigate effects, new sources like algae have been developed for biofuel...

View 16:00:00 03 Nov 2021

Stephen Harrison talks to Anurag Dhumal MSc in engineering and energy technology. This short discussion looks at questions like: What is dry methane reforming? What is the difference between dry methane reforming and steam supported dry methane reforming? What catalysts are used in the processes you described, are they the same or similar? During Dry methane reforming, how does one protect the catalyst? How does the carbon build up get suppressed? What levels of steam are used i...

View 14:00:00 28 Oct 2021



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