Water analysis - automation as a viable approach to increase efficiency and reproducibility




Date: 14:00:00 - Apr 07 2022
Speakers: Heike Risse, Jennifer Lüber
Moderators: Tom Lynch CChem FRSC

This eLearning demonstrates how to consolidate routine analysis of multiple parameters on a modular platform.

Increasing numbers of samples, multiple parameters to be determined, mandatory compliance with national and international standards – water works, bottlers of mineral water and some sectors of the process industry all face the same challenge: How to cope with more analytical tasks while human resources in the laboratory are limited?

In this eLearning session we demonstrate how automation can help you keep pace with today’s complex QC requirements in the water industry. Learn how all your standard measurements and titrations but also parameters like turbidity, color, and all critical ions can be consolidated on a modular, fully automated analytical platform – including dedicated sample preparation. Best practice examples are given from modern water laboratories that were able to achieve time savings of up to 60% while safeguarding robust, consistent results of their daily routine analytics.

Key Learning Objectives

Participate in this eLearning to learn:

  • How to consolidate typical QC applications from the water industry on a fully automated analytical platform
  • How much time can be freed up performing multiple different analytical measurements in parallel
  • How automated sample preparation can be seamlessly integrated on such a platform
  • How automated systems can increase reproducibility of results

Who should attend this eLearning?

  • Water authorities responsible for water quality monitoring
  • Managers and experts from environmental water testing laboratories
  • Managers and experts in charge of industrial process water monitoring

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Heike Risse
Heike Risse (Metrohm AG)

Heike is Product Manager Titration Automation at the Competence Center for Titration at Metrohm International Headquarters, Herisau, Switzerland. She has more than 21 years of work experience with titration. During her time with Metrohm, Heike used to work as an Application Specialist Titration with focus on method and application development for virtually every industry sector. For more than 16 years, she has been responsible for the product management of automated titration systems.

Jennifer Lüber
Jennifer Lüber (Metrohm AG)

Jennifer Lüber is the Product Specialist for Titration/TitrIC at Metrohm AG in Switzerland. She finished her apprenticeship as a Lab Technician at Metrohm AG in 2014. Afterwards, she was involved in projects related to column development, and worked in the laboratory for a short time at Metrohm UK. In 2015, Jennifer returned to Metrohm AG to join the competence center for titration, eventually taking responsibility for the TitrIC systems in 2018. Jennifer received her bachelor’s degree in business process management in 2020.


Tom Lynch CChem FRSC
Tom Lynch CChem FRSC (International Labmate Ltd)

Tom has 35 years of experience in the petroleum industry, specialising in the delivery of forensic and problem solving /method development capabilities for BP Fuels and Lubricants businesses globally. He was also a member of the BP Science Council representing Analytical Science and led a BP wide Analytical Science network.Tom has published over 30 citable papers, 4 book chapters and has given over 60 presentations at conferences. He is a past Vice President of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Analytical Division and a past Chairman of the RSC Separation Science Group. In addition, Tom is a recipient of the Silver Jubilee Medal by the Chromatographic Society and a technical achievement award by the Energy Institute.



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