• Aqua Membranes Secures Fresh Funding for Advancing Reverse Osmosis Technology Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

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Aqua Membranes Secures Fresh Funding for Advancing Reverse Osmosis Technology Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

Sep 28 2023

Committed to preserving the environment, Aqua Membranes has successfully secured a new round of financing from two prominent entities: Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Kurita), a global leader in water treatment equipment, and Clean Energy Ventures, a forward-looking venture capital firm dedicated to early-stage climate tech innovations. These strategic investments mark a pivotal moment in Aqua Membranes' mission to tackle the diverse challenges faced by reverse osmosis (RO) membrane facilities across various industrial sectors. The infusion of funds will drive the advancement of their groundbreaking 3D Printed Spacer Technology®—a game-changer that not only reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions but also propels society toward a more sustainable future.

Nobuyoshi Takiguchi, VP of Strategy & Innovation at Kurita America Holdings Inc., expressed Kurita Group's enthusiasm about deepening its collaboration with Aqua Membranes through this investment. He remarked, "We have high expectations that their technology will usher in significant innovations in power reduction, a longstanding bottleneck in RO treatment. This partnership between Kurita Group and Aqua Membranes establishes a robust foundation for pioneering breakthroughs in crucial aspects of water treatment."

Clean Energy Ventures initiated its investment in Aqua Membranes in 2020 and remains steadfast in its support of Aqua Membranes' innovation and team growth.

Ongoing research and development initiatives have uncovered an additional advantage of systems employing Printed Spacer Technology: enhanced resistance to fouling. This translates to reduced requirements for membrane cleaning and replacement, resulting in cost savings and heightened operational efficiency.

Kurita, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that bring value to its customers since 1949, is collaborating closely with Aqua Membranes to offer top-notch solutions leveraging Aqua Membranes' cutting-edge technology. Stay tuned for more updates as this partnership progresses.


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