• Operation Vuvuzela

Waste Management

Operation Vuvuzela

Aug 04 2010

Vuvuzuelas. Is there anybody out there who is not aware of the deafening horns as an integral part of this year’s World Cup? Resembling a swarm of hornets, they haunt us on the screens. Any attempts to prohibit the nerve-wracking hullabaloo by the plastic horns failed. Beloved by South Africans and fan merchandise number one on the one hand, they are doomed by irritated fans and players on the other hand.

UNTHA shredding technology, an acclaimed shredding machine manufacturer, well-known as an innovative and solution-oriented company, has addressed the problem. It soon became obvious that there is only one solution for getting rid of the sounding hum: the destruction in shredders. In a jiffy, the colourful wind instruments disappear in the patented 4-shaft shredder and fall silent with one last meek "Vuuu-vu". Problem solved: just as usual for UNTHA. In case you are also in search of a shredding solution for problematic materials, look no further!

More info on www.untha.com!


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