• Highly Biodegradable PLA Resin that will Help to Reduce Microplastics

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Highly Biodegradable PLA Resin that will Help to Reduce Microplastics

Jan 02 2023

Teijin Frontier, a fibers and products converting company based in Tokyo, Japan, has developed a new type of polylactic acid (PLA) resin that is highly biodegradable in oceans, rivers, and soil. By adding a biodegradation accelerator to the polymer, Teijin Frontier has been able to improve the biodegradation rate without compromising on the strength, moldability, or other practical properties of the resin. This new PLA resin is expected to help reduce microplastics and lower CO2 emissions during product lifecycles as it is made from plant-derived raw materials. The company plans to begin producing and selling products made with the new PLA resin, including pellets, injection- and extrusion-molded products, textiles, and non-woven fabrics, in fiscal 2023, with the aim of reaching sales of several hundred million JPY by fiscal 2026. This new resin can be processed and molded in the same way as conventional PLA resins, and the decomposition period can be controlled by adjusting the conditions and amount of biodegradation accelerator used. This means that the decomposition of specific products, such as agriculture and fishery items, can be tailored to their expected lifespan.


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