• China Market Report for Municipal Waste Management

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China Market Report for Municipal Waste Management

Mar 19 2010

No other country in the world ever experienced such an increase in the amount of waste like China during the last 15 years. Lastly, the amount grew by 8 per cent per year, as the Chinese government estimates. This upward trend will continue: in 2005, municipal waste amounted to 206 million tons and is supposed to rise up to 250 million tons in 2010. The World Bank is expecting a growth up to 550 million tons per year until 2030.

The design of the basic infrastructure for waste disposal is not completed for a long time yet. However, already now the dynamic growth, rising standards and lacking availability of space for landfilling have to be considered when further developing this infrastructure. Taking global economic crises into account as well, there is no alternative to this action.

Against this background, ecoprog and psyma Business Research China analysed the Chinese market for the disposal of municipal waste in detail. Amongst other things, we collected data on the responsible institutions in the 100 largest Chinese cities, including essential characteristics like the amounts of municipal waste and waste fees.

Based on their market knowledge and detailed investigation, they offer an up-to-date analysis of data, facts, estimates and trends in the municipal waste disposal market in China. This market study is of interest for disposers, suppliers, operators, business associations, research institutes and consultants.

The market study on municipal waste management in China includes the following specific information:

  • A detailed analysis of the structure, the level of development and the investment needs of the Chinese waste management sector.
  • The presentation of the responsible institutions for the administration, collection and disposal of municipal waste in the 100 largest cities, including essential characteristics concerning the amounts of waste and the waste fees in these cities.
  • Information on more than 120 investment projects in the Chinese waste infrastructure, including more than 60 waste incineration plants.
  • The analysis and description of the most important local and foreign, public and private waste management companies in China


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