• PepsiCo partners with GreenDot Group to enhance plastic recycling for snack packaging

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PepsiCo partners with GreenDot Group to enhance plastic recycling for snack packaging

Jun 03 2024

PepsiCo Europe has entered into a groundbreaking agreement with GreenDot Group to bolster the recycling of plastic waste for use in snack packaging. This collaboration supports investment in GreenDot's recycling capabilities, aiming to incorporate recycled materials across PepsiCo's snack packaging.

GreenDot, known for its comprehensive plastic circularity solutions, has been expanding its sorting and recycling operations in Germany and has recently developed additional facilities in Austria and Italy. The group's portfolio now includes advanced recycling techniques to supply circular polymers to brands and converters.

This partnership aligns with PepsiCo Europe's goal to eliminate virgin fossil-based plastics from all crisp and chip bags by 2030. Mark Vester, EVP for Business Development at GreenDot, commented, "We are thrilled with this new collaboration, which transcends EPR licensing and establishes a novel business model, effectively closing the loop between plastic waste and recycled content in packaging."

Laurent Auguste, CEO of GreenDot, highlighted the significance of this agreement, stating, "This milestone paves the way towards a circular economy for plastic packaging. PepsiCo's vision and leadership in increasing recycled content and reducing their carbon footprint are commendable. GreenDot is committed to developing recycling capacities, including advanced recycling of polyolefins, to provide scalable solutions for the food industry."

Archana Jagannathan, Chief Sustainability Officer at PepsiCo Europe, emphasised the importance of the partnership, saying, "This collaboration is crucial for scaling our operations and achieving our shared goal of a circular economy for packaging. Both advanced and mechanical recycling are key components of our strategy. Closing the loop between plastic waste and recycled content is central to our PepsiCo Positive agenda, which aims to reduce landfill waste across our value chain."

PepsiCo and GreenDot are currently working on new snack packaging for Sunbites crisps, which now includes 50% recycled plastic film. This new packaging was launched in the UK and Ireland in late 2023, with plans for further expansion.

Building a european recycling network
GreenDot is dedicated to enhancing the recyclability of plastics, whether through mechanical or chemical processes. Their goal is to keep more materials in circulation and reduce the environmental impact of packaging waste, including plastics that are difficult to recycle and would otherwise be incinerated. To achieve this, GreenDot is establishing a network of sorting and recycling plants across Europe. In Austria, alongside their partners, GreenDot is constructing a state-of-the-art sorting plant for used plastic packaging.

This strategic alliance between PepsiCo and GreenDot marks a significant step towards sustainable packaging solutions and a circular economy, with the potential to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of plastic waste.



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