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Anaerobic Digester Orders in Portugal and the Netherlands

Jul 08 2010

Belgian company Organic Waste Systems (OWS) has won two important orders. The first order concerns the supply of an anaerobic digester in Mirandela, Portugal. The company Residuos de Nordeste EIM organized a European competition and assigned the project to the group OWS belongs to. The project includes the engineering, construction and operation during 5 years of the plant that will treat 55,000 tons of MSW per year, of which 10,000 tons per year going to the DRANCO plant. The plant has the capability of treating both mixed municipal solid waste, as well as source separated organics. The total order amounts to 18 million Euros, including approximately 4 million euro for OWS. Construction will start in June 2010.

OWS is also pleased to announce that the order book includes its first project in the Netherlands. A contract was concluded with the municipal waste disposal company of Twente for the construction of an anaerobic digester on biowaste. The existing composting plant will be extended with a DRANCO anaerobic digestion to process 50,000 tons of biowaste per year with an investment of 10 million Euros. Construction of the plant has started already and the plant is expected to be fully operational mid-2011. In addition to the new projects in Portugal and the Netherlands, 2 plants are currently under construction, one in France and one in Poland, representing in total 24 million Euros.

OWS is one of the world leaders in the anaerobic digestion of waste and has already constructed 25 plants in 12 countries. The company has grown a lot, especially the last 5 years. OWS employs 70 people and had an operating income of 11.5 million Euros in 2009. With the patented DRANCO process, OWS has been a strong player on the market ever since the emergence of anaerobic digestion in Europe, especially in the waste sector and in countries such as Belgium, Germany and Spain. But the know-how and experience of OWS are being introduced increasingly in other countries and sectors.

OWS will soon start with the construction of a wet digester in Germany for the digestion of energy crops. Furthermore, OWS wants to tap into the potential of the agro-industry and valorize 25 years of experience in anaerobic digestion on municipal waste in other areas and countries. Several of such projects are in preparation.


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