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Waste Management

Partnership to reduce scrap tyre pollution announced

Jun 28 2023

Tire Stewardship BC (TSBC) and Ocean Legacy Foundation (OLF) have joined forces to combat the issue of scrap tyre pollution in British Columbia. TSBC, a prominent environmental not-for-profit organization dedicated to the collection and recycling of scrap tyres, will be providing a five-year annual grant of $30,000 to support OLF's clean-up expeditions across the province. This partnership marks an important step towards diverting waste from landfills, promoting circularity in the waste sector, and protecting the environment.

The collaboration between TSBC and OLF is a testament to their shared commitment to safeguarding our oceans, combating pollution, and ensuring the responsible management of waste materials. One notable accomplishment of this partnership occurred in 2022 when OLF and its partners successfully removed over 2,400 scrap tyres from a small island off the Sunshine Coast of B.C. These tyres were then sent to a tyre recycling facility in Delta, B.C., thereby contributing to the success of TSBC's tyre recycling program.

TSBC's tyre recycling program is a shining example of success, not just in North America but also in Canada. Having been in operation since 1991, this program has recycled over 100 million tyres to date. Each year, more than five million scrap vehicle tyres are transformed into new products, thanks to the tyre recycling initiatives supported by TSBC. The program's longevity and accomplishments highlight the importance of sustainable waste management and the role it plays in preserving our environment.

OLF, initiated in 2013, has been at the forefront of global efforts to combat plastic pollution. Their focus on developing and implementing programs to respond to this crisis aligns perfectly with TSBC's mission to promote circularity and reduce waste. OLF combines education, policy recommendations, infrastructure development, and restorative cleanup activities to address the issue of plastic pollution effectively. Their EPIC program empowers local communities by providing them with valuable skills and capacity development, enabling them to take action in preventing plastic pollution and protecting their local environments.

One significant aspect of the partnership between TSBC and OLF is OLF's ability to handle foam-filled tyres, a challenging waste material often found during beach cleanups and dock deconstructions. By removing the foam from these tyres, OLF enables TSBC to recycle them, thereby preventing them from ending up in landfills. This collaborative effort demonstrates the power of partnerships in finding innovative solutions to environmental challenges and contributing to the circular economy.

The funding provided by TSBC will enable OLF to expand its efforts in removing pollution from ecologically sensitive environments across British Columbia. This support will play a crucial role in creating cleaner and safer habitats for both wildlife and communities. By maximizing landfill potential and restoring critical habitats, the partnership between TSBC, OLF, and community partners will significantly contribute to the environmental well-being of the province.

The announcement of this partnership between Tyre Stewardship BC and Ocean Legacy Foundation is cause for celebration. It represents a milestone in the fight against scrap tyre pollution, demonstrating how collaboration between organisations can bring about positive change. By providing funding for pollution clean-up expeditions and promoting circularity in the waste sector, TSBC and OLF are setting an inspiring example for others to follow. Together, they are working towards a cleaner, greener future, where waste is minimized, and our precious ecosystems are protected for generations to come.


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