• Crushing Buckets for the Construction Industry Reduce Waste and Increase Onsite Profits

Waste Management

Crushing Buckets for the Construction Industry Reduce Waste and Increase Onsite Profits

Aug 05 2020

The demolition of buildings is a process made up of various steps including time and can be very costly. If the demolition is done correctly and with the right machinery it can also be a cost advantage for the company doing the demolition. Sustainable demolition  can save about 80% of waste going to landfill, it will therefore also save on transport costs and time to landfill sites and can also have some tax benefits.

Selective demolition, therefore is the first step towards a circular economy . The quality of the end result depends on the demolition process and the machinery used to separate and process the resulting materials.

Projects that use MB crushing machinery can gain value from waste from construction sites turning waste into quality material, and converting  raw materials into profit by their using crushed material again onsite or selling on for other uses.

If well managed, a sustainable demolition project has a significant impact on the state of many disused and derelict urban and industrial sites. For example where a dilapidated house or warehouse is demolished and replaced with a new one, there is added value, with benefits for the whole area and for the community that lives nearby.

Using the a MB Crushing Bucket will help maximize the recovery of the quantity and the quality of waste materials which can be reused or sold, it will help in decreasing transporting costs of treated material and costs of moving waste to landfills and treatment plants. the MB Crushing Bucket will also help in the reuse and recycling of site material thus aiming for the EU’s target of 70% recycling of construction waste by 2020.

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