• Gasification technology to transform waste into bio methanol.

Waste Management

Gasification technology to transform waste into bio methanol.

May 09 2023

GIDARA Energy is excited to announce the acquisition of a crucial environmental permit for its ground breaking Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (AMA) facility. This achievement marks a significant advancement in the company's mission to decarbonize industry. The environmental permit, granted by the province of Noord-Holland, authorizes GIDARA Energy to construct its advanced methanol facility, designed to convert local waste into high-quality advanced methanol.

Located in the esteemed Port of Amsterdam, the renewable methanol facility will leverage GIDARA Energy's innovative HTW® gasification technology to transform waste into bio methanol—a versatile fuel suitable for road transport, maritime applications, and the production of sustainable aviation fuels. Securing this permit represents a major milestone in the facility's development, enabling the production of renewable fuels and the potential for future production of top-tier circular chemicals.

The permit acquisition process entailed a meticulous evaluation of the project, including a comprehensive assessment of its environmental impact, a public consultation process, and a thorough review of the proposed design and construction plans to ensure compliance with all relevant environmental standards. GIDARA Energy has worked closely with local authorities and scientific experts, prioritizing minimal environmental impact and community safety, all while addressing the growing global demand for advanced methanol and renewable energy.

Expressing their excitement, Wim van der Zande, Founder of GIDARA Energy, and CEO Dr. Norbert Kamp conveyed their eagerness to commence construction on the advanced methanol facility. They described the facility as a pivotal stride toward reducing global carbon emissions and fostering a more circular economy. The duo expressed gratitude to the permitting authorities for their diligent and thorough review, eagerly anticipating further collaboration as they forge ahead with the facility's construction.

The Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (AMA) facility is set to be established at BioPark, the primary hub for renewable fuel producers within the Port of Amsterdam. Annually, the facility is projected to convert approximately 360,000 tons of waste into 90,000 tons of renewable methanol.

Roon van Maanen, Head of Energy & Circular Industry at the Port of Amsterdam, conveyed his congratulations to GIDARA Energy, acknowledging the significance of this milestone in realizing their sustainable methanol plant. The Port of Amsterdam actively supports companies that drive circular activities and promote the energy transition. GIDARA's methanol plant, which ingeniously converts waste into methanol, serves as an exemplary model for sustainable innovation.



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