• Waste shredders on way to Japan

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Waste shredders on way to Japan

Sep 27 2023

The appetite for FORUS twin-shaft shredders from Eggersmann GmbH in Japan remains insatiable, as evidenced by the latest development. A hefty batch of 36 of these versatile shredders is on route to their trusted dealer, RYOKI Co., Ltd, based in Hiroshima.

The recent agreement inked between RYOKI and Eggersmann charts the course for the delivery of these 36 FORUS shredders to the Land of the Rising Sun. Eggersmann has long held sway as the dominant player in Japan with its FORUS shredders, and the clamour for these machines shows no signs of waning. Remarkably, a considerable number of these units have already been pre-ordered and are slated for direct delivery to eager end customers. "Our enduring triumph in the Japanese market can be largely attributed to our invaluable dealer. RYOKI recognized the unique qualities and advantages of the FORUS shredders early on," emphasizes Björn Bischoff, Eggersmann's sales manager. "They initiated imports over two decades ago and have been instrumental in establishing FORUS in its rightful place ever since. As we seal this latest contract, we also fondly look back on a fruitful partnership."

The FORUS twin-shaft shredders are exceptionally versatile, catering to a wide spectrum of needs, from processing green waste, waste wood, roots, to residual waste. While they find utility in other markets for recycling solar panels and photovoltaic systems, in Japan, they enjoy great demand as household crushers for processing electrical appliances. "Opting for one of our FORUS twin-shaft shredders does not lock you into handling a specific material – they offer a broad array of possibilities that can be fully harnessed in various industrial applications," elucidates Clemens Gierz, Manager at Eggersmann. "The option of asynchronously adjustable shafts renders our FORUS shredders particularly efficient in handling brittle materials while safeguarding against the risk of entanglement."


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