• US businessman ordered to carry out soil remediation
    A businessman in the US has been told he must carry out remediation on a site which was polluted by two of his companies

Soil Remediation

US businessman ordered to carry out soil remediation

Apr 11 2013

A businessman has been ordered to clean up soil and groundwater contamination in Alberta.

The former director of two Red Deer-area businesses was told to find a solution to these environmental concerns after the new owner of the property discovered storage tanks and barrels that were leaking toxic chemicals, the Edmonton Journal has reported.

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development launched an investigation into the matter in 2008. It was found that contamination had occurred at the industrial site from a variety of chemicals including benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene and petroleum hydrocarbons.

The contaminants were discovered to be consistent with the products and substances that were used and stored at the site by the companies on the site that were formerly operated by Jerry McInnis. These companies distributed chemicals to the oil and gas industry, according to an Environmental Protection Order.

McInnis operated two businesses called McInnis Chemical and Redalco for 13 years before going into receivership in 1988. At this point the companies’ assets were purchased by an organisation called Stream-Flo.

After discovering substances of concern while carrying out environmental sampling, Steam-Flo took a number a steps to sort out the damage. However, in 2008 it discovered a 500-gallon tank of sludge buried in an underground pit.

Furthermore, high levels of contamination from products linked to those used and distributed by the companies that used to be on the site were found in the surrounding area. It is believed this contamination dated up to 30 years previously.

It was at this point that the company was asked to remediation, however he failed to comply, and an environmental protection order was issued. This order set out that McInnis has until May 10th to submit a remediation plan.

Commencement of this work must begin no later than June 7th, and McInnis has been ordered to submit written status reports on the work each month.



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