• EPA has decided to remove contaminated soil
    The contaminated soil will be replaced with clean dirt

Soil Remediation

EPA has decided to remove contaminated soil

Jan 14 2013

he Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has decided to remove 3,600 cubic yards of contaminated soil from a site in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

It has been reported that the team want to start cleaning up the contaminated soil as soon as possible, with Doylestown borough manager John Davis telling local newspaper Philly Burbs that "our preference would be that the starting date was tomorrow".

The site, which is on Broad Street in Doylestown, was formerly used as an electroplating factory.

Because of the plant, the soil in and around the area has been entirely contaminated.

The only solution for the area is to replace the contaminated soil with clean dirt from elsewhere.

According to Philly Burbs, the process should take about 50 days and cost around $2.25 million (£13,966,47).

However, it is not yet known where the money will come from, nor when there will be a 50 day window where the team can operate.

It is thought the EPA will reach out to the borough’s representatives in Congress for the finances.

"Our understanding is that this is not a terribly expensive project as far as these remediations go and this is not a terribly complicated or lengthy process. It’s digging and removing fill dirt, and replacing it," said Mr Davis.

The EPA has been surveying the site for a long time, meaning that not only have they been able to monitor the site, they are aware that now is the right time to begin procedures.

"We have a good handle on the problem. We have a good solution, we think. And we’re ready to move forward," said Larry Johnson, the EPA’s community involvement coordinator for the project.

"Addressing the groundwater contamination will be contingent on and influenced by the control of the source. If officials find that the groundwater still is contaminated, they will consider the DEP’s plan for removing and treating the water."



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