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Jul 28 2008

Westfalia Separator is a centrifuge manufacturer founded in  1893 in Germany, with over 110 years experience in design and  manufacturing of centrifuges. They have 52 subsidiaries around  the world, and have been represented in Melbourne, Australia for over forty years, as a direct subsidiary of the parent company Westfalia Separator AG.
Process plant requirements vary greatly from one treatment plant to the next, even when the final product is the same.
When Westfalia consults on an application-specific centrifugal process, your process goals are translated into a design that meets or exceeds the plant`s process objectives for cost-effectiveness and production efficiency.
Westfalia`s experience in managing projects around the world benefits every client.
Our proven project management capability enables every project to be delivered on spec and on time. Each client is supported by a designated project manager who takes charge of all project stages – from centrifuge specification to project execution, delivery and commissioning.
Westfalia`s Service mission is to work together with its clients on a day-to-day basis to achieve their system and process objectives for the life of the solution. To support them in achieving competitiveness in their business, they help them achieve maximum availability, minimum operating cost, and optimum process results.
Environmental applications are one of the biggest applications for their line of decanters and they are considered market leaders in this field. Worldwide they supply over 400 environmental decanters per year. They believe we have offered the latest decanter technology available on the market, which is ably backed up by our professional team of
technical after sales service engineers.



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