• New Company Will Focus on Inorganic Waste

Hazardous Waste

New Company Will Focus on Inorganic Waste

Jul 30 2008

Solvent Resource Management, one of Europe`s largest hazardous waste recycling companies, has formed a new company. Minerals Resource Management is jointly owned and funded by Castle Cement and, among other things, it wants supplies of discarded eggshells!
MRM is looking for wastes that contain oxides of calcium, silicon and aluminium. These can be found in many different types of waste, for
example washed eggshells – which consist mainly of calcium carbonate – and can be used as a substitute for mined limestone within the cement making process.
Managing director Stewart McGown explained: “forming this new company enables us to bring specific focus onto organic wastes that may otherwise going into landfill, which is usually both environmentally and commercially undesirable.”
Castle Cement already prides itself on being the UK`s lowest emitter of carbon dioxide per tonne of cement, at a level five per cent better than the uk industry average. The new company will help increase their sustainability by utilising greater amounts of waste instead of virgin raw materials.
The list of material that could be used in the cement-making process is almost endless and includes foundry sands, slag wastes, air pollution control wastes and ceramic tile wastes among many others.
MRM will initially analyse such material to ensure compatibility with the cement-making process, both in respect of emissions and cement quality.



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