• Gas Scrubbing System for Belarus

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Gas Scrubbing System for Belarus

Aug 26 2012

GEA Wiegand (Germany) has been chosen to deliver a multi-stage gas scrubbing system for Belarus. The customer this is being built for is within the fertiliser industry and often disposes of raw material deposits. Within the scope of a project to increase the capacity of a production line, GEA Wiegand designed an exhaust gas scrubbing system with improved scrubbing capacity and optimised efficiency.

A combination of filters and wet scrubber technology was use in order to reduce the harmful ammonia emanating from the dryer systems.

The exhaust gas is scrubbed to values which do not reach the limit values applicable in Germany.

Apart from the special process engineering the short delivery date is a very challenging task for the project team of GEA Wiegand. The industrial-scale apparatuses are manufactured in Austria and in Germany.

One of the main components to be delivered requires special transport routes to Belarus due to its dimensions and will be transported mainly on inland waterway and sea vessels.



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