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Hazardous Waste

Clean the Extreme and Much More

Aug 20 2012

At this year's RWM in Birmingham, chemical park operator CURRENTA (Germany) will showcase their wide range of disposal solutions for hazardous waste and give insights into new recycling methods. The four CURRENTA rotary kilns with their mature flue gas purification process, for example, are also highly suitable for pretreating composite materials, enabling energy to be recovered and pollutants to be reliably destroyed from electronics scrap or old lithium ion batteries. The metals obtained are enriched to enable them to be recycled more safely, efficiently and effectively presorted following the thermal pretreatment process.

CURRENTA Environment will also use its presence at the environmental fair in Birmingham to highlight the benefits of the European "Clean the extreme" network that are also potentially available to a new member on the British market. Close collaboration in collection, transport, disposal and recycling of demanding waste streams brings advantages in terms of synergy for the participating partners. For its members, which include CURRENTA from Germany, Chimirec from France and Riccoboni from Italy, this cooperation leads to even better capacity utilisation of their facilities.

And for customers this network has, above all, two advantages. First, it increases the degree of disposal certainty - if one vendor is experiencing an outage or has insufficient capacity, another network partner can quickly and flexibly take the order. And second, the system of facilities increases the choice of disposal and recycling options. Customers can, for example, utilise capacities in LANXESS's sulphuric acid cracking plant that purifies contaminated sulphuric acid, allowing it to be reused for chemical processes. CURRENTA also markets Bayer HealthCare's iodine recovery plant and distillation facility for specific solvents on the free European market via this network.



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