• The Fluid Cooling and Heating Specialist for Biogas Cogeneration Systems

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The Fluid Cooling and Heating Specialist for Biogas Cogeneration Systems

Jul 31 2008

CIAT`s (France) leading position in Germany enabled them to work alongside the players in this sector. CIAT`s equipment offers several sought-after features.
Our experience in the sector and our equipment range allows us to propose a system solution sized ideally over the entire power range. Furthermore, with our mastery in 3 technologies, we can propose the 5 main heat exchangers of a cogeneration system", explains Marc Schaller, Marketing Manager for the INDUSTRIAL segment at CIAT.
"We have specifically adapted some items in our proposal to correspond to the exchangers that have been simplified to provide just what is necessary", adds Marc Schaller. CIAT tubular exchangers also benefit from structural exchange surfaces to maximize heat transfer.
"Biogas is considered as one of the cleanest green energies and its use will naturally progress across the world. Based on our experience,
acquired over several years in partnership with our German customers, we want to share our expertise in other markets. We already have numerous projects or installations completed in Russia, Thailand, England, France, Spain and Turkey, and this is just the beginning.
Numerous countries are copying the German model, offering financial incentives that are sometimes greater", concluded Marc Schaller.
CIAT is present on the entire world-wide environment and energy market. Target applications are those participating in production, distribution
or transformation of energy, air or water. The company provides equipment plus unique expertise, based on the 3 main skills of thermal
exchange, air conditioning and hot or cold production from thermodynamic cycles.



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