• Joint Venture Brings Major Benefits to Offshore Operators

Hazardous Waste

Joint Venture Brings Major Benefits to Offshore Operators

Aug 01 2012

Augean (UK) has joined with Scomi to extend their current range of hazardouse waste services to include the oil and gas industry. The new company will be called Augean North Sea Services (ANSS) and will be dedicated to this sector.

The main recipiency of this service will be the offshore oil and gas sector who will be provided with access to services and facilities to safely manage a variety of hazardous wastes.

This venture extends Augean and Scomi's partnership which initially inlcuded the treatment for drill cuttings from offshore oil and gas exploration.

ANSS gives the two companies the abillity to source, contain, treat, recycle and dispose of offshore waste for their customers. This combining of services means ANSS can offer a full opportunity for waste management optimising the handling of hazardous wastes in the industry.

Augean are able to manage NORM scale from decommissioning and repair and maintenance activities, and also has extensive experience of LLW hazardous waste management. The unparalleled ability to work in partnership with the oil and gas sector offering complete compliance and security in the transfer, treatment and disposal of hazardous waste has now been grown significantly with this joint venture and presence.

ANSS will operate from Aberdeen and Lerwick in Shetland, which will also provide a base for managing and storing wastes. As part of the joint venture 40 experienced employees based in Aberdeen have transferred from Scomi into ANSS to manage and operate the venture.

Martin Snaith, Group Development Director at Augean commented: ‘ANSS will provide services to existing Scomi customers and develop and extend its activities and services over the next 12 months. The core of the operation will be drilling waste management on the offshore platforms, supported by onshore treatment of drill cuttings and treatment and disposal of other wastes from service vessels utilising the specialist treatment and storage facility at Pocra Quay. This joint venture is an outstanding example of bringing together experience, processes, technology and a real understanding of hazardous waste management, to deliver significant benefits to a sector.’

‘In setting up this joint venture both parties expect to benefit from current and future opportunities to manage offshore waste whilst providing access to the emerging market for the decommissioning of redundant offshore structures, and naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM), which are expected to grow over the next 10 years. It is our background in NORM and LLW waste management which will reassure and provide excellent prospects for the offshore operators based in the region.’



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