• Catalytic and Thermal Oxidiser Sales to Exceed $1.7 Billion this Year

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Catalytic and Thermal Oxidiser Sales to Exceed $1.7 Billion this Year

Jun 27 2011

Worldwide sales of systems to thermally oxidise air pollutants will exceed $1.7 billion this year. This is the most recent forecast in Thermal/Catalytic World Air Pollution Markets published as an online service by the McIlvaine Company (USA) www.mcilvainecompany.com.

The biggest growth market is the cement industry. New air toxic rules in the U.S. will require up to 100 large systems to combust the vapors formed from the kerogen in the limestone during the calcining process. EPA estimates that at least 100 cement plants will install regenerative thermal oxidizers. Regenerative thermal oxidizers are much more expensive than thermal or catalytic oxidizers but recover the heat used for combustion.

The automobile industry in Asia represents the fastest growing regional market. The Asian electronics industry is another growth market. This segment includes expensive small oxidizers for toxic vapors created during chip making.

Suppliers include companies who make systems which emit organic vapors. So this includes Durr, Eisenman and Megtec. These companies make dryers and paint finishing lines. The oxidation systems are often sold as part of a complete package. Other suppliers are involved in burners and combustion of liquid and solid fuels. The John Zink Division of Koch is an example in this category. Zink is a major supplier of flare systems. These are oxidizer systems in the most basic sense. However, the revenues for flare systems are not included in the above totals. If they were, then oil and gas would be the biggest oxidizer segment.

Other companies are oriented around pollution control. Thermal treatment is just one of many technologies which are offered. Met-Pro is an example in this category. Some of the smaller companies in the field just focus on thermal oxidizers. Adwest and Anguil are focused on this one technology.

The market for thermal oxidation will grow faster than GDP thanks to the expansion of basic industries in Asia and the growing concern about air emissions.



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