• Scott Kelly Promoted to Vice President of JWC Environmental  

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Scott Kelly Promoted to Vice President of JWC Environmental  

Jun 26 2011

Scott Kelly was promoted to Vice President of Sales for JWC Environmental, owner Woodie Chambers announced in April. Kelly started with the company in 2003 and served as Sales Manager and Director of Sales for North America.

"Scott has a passion for making the Muffin Monster® brand even better. He makes sure all of us are taking great care of the customer," said Woodie. "He’s carrying on the traditions of quality and service my Dad and I developed when we first started in 1973."

Kelly will oversee JWC’s sales and marketing teams with around 70 employees. This includes National Sales, Document Control, Marketing, Grinder Team and Engineered Systems Team. Kelly is also responsible for JWC’s network of sales representatives in North America.

"Scott’s dedication to our customers, our agents, our team and market is one of the keys to our continued growth," said Ron Duecker, President. "This is a well-deserved promotion and one that further strengthens JWC."

Over the last eight years Kelly has overseen the rapid growth of the Muffin Monster family of products - including high-quality wastewater grinders and fine screens. Under his direction the Sales Team has introduced several product innovations, including the new Auger Monster XE, new Sludge Monster® grinder, new Honey Monster XE septage receiving system and the high-flow Channel Monster XD2.5. Kelly’s sales team and network of representatives sells hundreds of Channel Monsters every year, making a popular pump station grinder.

Kelly has over 20 years of experience in the wastewater industry including working as a territory manager for a biosolids machinery company. He is co-inventor of a patented device called a "Sludge Pipeline Lubrication System." Kelly graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in chemical engineering.

This year JWC will launch several new Monster products. This includes the powerful and efficient new Sludge Monster grinder. In addition, JWC is developing several fine screen innovations to deal with the increasing amount of rags, trash and debris found in wastewater today.




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