• Grontmij Aligns Structure to Growth Markets  

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Grontmij Aligns Structure to Growth Markets  

Mar 16 2010

Grontmij (The Netherlands) will restructure the business from six separate geographical regions to three business lines in line with the most profitable and fastest growing markets; water, energy, and transportation next to sustainable planning and design. Grontmij will begin to operate and report across three business lines, namely; Planning & Design, Transportation & Mobility and Water & Energy.

Furthermore, Grontmij announces an enhanced five year strategy with a focus on profitability, organic revenue growth and further expansion by acquisitions. The company will leverage its local expertise to allow greater knowledge sharing and cross selling internationally across the business. At the core of the strategy is the principle of sustainability by design which is a leading proposition for Grontmij’s customers. Sylvo Thijsen, CEO, comments ‘Our strategy to 2015 is a logical next phase in the development of Grontmij. Five years ago, we were mainly active in the Netherlands. After a period of sustained organic growth, complemented by acquisitions, our company is now one of the leading design and management consultancies in Europe. Based on our local strongholds, focussing on innovations and expertise across the company and actively pursuing new markets for these, we will continue to grow the company and increase our profits.


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