• Exova Environmental Joins Earth Exchange®

Consultancy Services

Exova Environmental Joins Earth Exchange®

Jan 20 2010

The specialist environmental testing services of Exova, the world-wide testing and advisory company are now available to members of award-winning website Earth Exchange®,following the company joining as one of the first Associate Members.

Earth Exchange® (www.earthexchange.com) allows the construction industry across the UK to create an on-line market of soils, aggregates and other materials for reuse and recycling. It uses a time based map system on which users can enter their current and future construction projects and indicate what and how much materials they have surplus or need. The website automatically identifies where other construction sites are or will be who is operating there, what and when surplus materials are available and additionally which sites have a deficit in such materials. This allows the user the opportunity to match his site with local sites which have surplus/deficit of materials.

With its state of the art environmental laboratories in Runcorn and Clydebank, Exova has extensive experience in the analysis of soils to determine the levels of nutrients or contamination. The company can assist in advice on sampling regimes or test methods and using the latest technology in analytical instrumentation, samples can be analysed for an extensive range of parameters including Volatile and Semi Volatile Organic Compounds, metals, petroleum and oil based compounds, pesticide and herbicide residues.



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