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Get What You Pay for with Air Quality Analysers

Mar 14 2011

Customers looking to save money on air quality analysers by purchasing reconditioned or recycled systems should look closely at the long-term costs involved before buying, say experts Enviro Technology (UK).

While old analysers may appear cheaper, spare parts for such equipment are in many cases either obsolete or close to becoming so, making future servicing or breakdowns time-consuming, costly or even impossible.

Customers should instead be looking to buy systems from a reputable company who offer fully MCERTS certified instruments with a warranty as well as technical support, say the Stroud-based company.

Enviro Technology’s managing director Steve Read says: “We have been servicing and maintaining air quality analysers since 1983 and we have more than 250 man years of experience. As a result, we offer a level of professionalism and reliability that other organisations cannot hope to come close to.

“We pride ourselves on the full package we offer, and the thing that other Support Units call reconditioning, we at ET call a six-monthly service, which is carried out on site for all our contracted customers.

“Air pollution data may need to undergo extensive QA/QC procedures in order to be ratified, so the quality of that data is critical. It is essential that the whole air quality data chain is of the highest quality, including the instruments, the calibration, the instrument support and the data handling. It is not an area in which to try to make a saving.”

Aside from the obvious degeneration of certain critical parts used in air quality analysers over time which reduces performance of the instrument, advances in technology mean that newer systems are far superior to the old models they replace.

Steve says: “ET’s new analysers come with a five-year critical parts warranty and a two-year warranty on all other parts which give customers the piece of mind they need when investing in new equipment”.

“The reliability of air quality analysers and systems is a reflection of the level and quality of the service and maintenance it receives, which is why we will never compromise on this or any other aspect of our work, using only factory trained personnel and original spare parts"


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