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Filter Packs Replace Bags in Dust Control Units

Jun 13 2011

Dust control specialist Donaldson (Australia) has released its revolutionary filter ‘packs’ that can replace traditional baghouse technology for dust collection in a variety of industries including general industrial, grain handling, cement, plastic and wood.

PowerCore CP Series filter packs allow for a much smaller footprint than a filter bag system and the maintenance and downtime associated with their use is a fraction of the time (only about 10 minutes versus up to four hours to change out a traditional bag system).

With PowerCore CP packs, all the operator does is simply lift out the pack, therefore eliminating what previously needed two people (one on the inside and one on the outside of the baghouse).

The comparatively smaller, lightweight filter pack design includes built-in handles for easier and faster change-outs. These require only a few minutes and no tools, which is unlike traditional filter bags that can take several hours to change.

Users can expect a reduction in maintenance costs because one PowerCore core CP filter pack can do the work of six traditional filter bags.

To maintain many traditional baghouse systems, operators were required to possess ‘confined space tickets’ at significant expense to businesses. With PowerCore CP Series, this is not necessary as the design eliminates the need for working within confined spaces.

For large businesses, the days of managing and sustaining an entire maintenance team on site at a large cost are all but over.

The CP filter packs use Donaldson’s patented UltraWeb nanofiber surface loading technology with a corrugated, fluted media configuration to allow more media in a small volume, providing high particulate efficiency and easy maintenance.

PowerCore CP filter packs are available in standard and antistatic versions, both with UltraWeb nanofiber media. The new antistatic CP filter packs are ideal for applications where electrostatic charges can be a hazard.


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