• Using CO2 emissions from industry to make climate-friendly plastics

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Using CO2 emissions from industry to make climate-friendly plastics

Dec 20 2022

The utilisation of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the production of climate-friendly plastics is the focus of a research project coordinated by VTT. The Forest CUMP project, which began in August 2022 and will run through the end of 2024, will examine the capture and utilisation of CO2 from the forest industry and waste incineration in the production of polyolefins, such as polyethylene and polypropene. These materials are commonly found in everyday products and packaging in Finland, but are currently produced almost exclusively from fossil raw materials. The goal of the project is to develop a processing concept that can be scaled up for industrial production, with a small test plant set to be built in a selected industrial environment in 2024. The project is being carried out in conjunction with company partners as part of Business Finland's Veturi ecosystem, which promotes sustainable development. Participating companies include Borealis, Neste, ABB, Metsä Spring, Kemira, Vantaa Energy, Stora Enso, Kleener Power Solutions, Carbon ReUse Finland, Fortum, and Essity, with LUT University serving as a research partner.

Reducing CO2 emissions is crucial in the fight against climate change, and the utilization of these emissions is a key strategy in achieving this goal. By binding carbon from industrial CO2 emissions in the products of the plastics and chemical industries, it is possible to develop new, climate-friendly plastics and other polymeric products. The Forest CUMP project builds on the work of the earlier BECCU project, which focused on the utilization of CO2 in the production of raw materials for polyurethane products such as insulation materials and industrial adhesives. The Forest CUMP project will further develop the production technology of hydrocarbon intermediates developed in the BECCU project, with the aim of producing durable plastic pipes that can bind carbon for long periods of time.


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