• TIG and Finnish company Ehovoc Oy co-operating

Air Clean Up

TIG and Finnish company Ehovoc Oy co-operating

Mar 01 2010

Effective immediately, Hamburg’s TIG Group will be co-operating with the Finnish company Ehovoc Oy. For 10 years now Ehovoc has been manufacturing and supplying catalytic exhaust air decontamination systems for VOC gases (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are also found in the paint, print and chemical industry. “With this cooperation we are expanding our product line in the field of exhaust air treatment and are now able to provide our customers with the full service range of services from a single source”, states Udo Arbeiter, Executive Management of TIG Group.

VOCs are air pollutants which are generated in many branches when solvents or liquid fuels evaporate or liquid or pasty products dry. These escape into the ambient air in large amounts and are material in the formation of the polluting and noxious troposhperic ozone. In 2001 the EC directive 1999/13/EG was implemented with the solvent (VOC) directive. To protect employees and the environment TIG implements solutions in the area of exhaust air and ventilation technology for its customers. To expand the portfolio, TIG is now falling back on the know-how of the Ehovoc experts, who for example developed a renewable catalytic combustor “Little Giant” for exhaust air purification.



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