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Green steel must be verifiable

Apr 25 2023

The Swiss Steel Group is making impressive strides towards its decarbonisation goals, undeterred by volatile markets and a challenging geopolitical climate. The company is steadfast in its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions throughout its supply chain, and has recently taken a significant step forward by becoming the first European steel producer and the world's first secondary route producer to join the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) supply chain program.

This global program helps companies to measure and reduce their CO2 emissions, providing invaluable insights into the environmental performance of suppliers. Swiss Steel Group has approached its 150 key suppliers to better understand their specific carbon footprint, which will allow the company to factor in their environmental performance when making purchasing decisions. By gathering primary emission data directly from suppliers, the company will be able to accurately calculate the product carbon footprint (PCF) of its products, providing customers with more precise information about the environmental impact of their purchases.

As a leading European steel producer in the long steel and green steel segments, Swiss Steel Group is committed to promoting sustainability and environmental protection throughout its supply chain. The company's CEO, Frank Koch, expressed his pride in being a pioneer in this important area and encouraged other companies to follow their example. Swiss Steel Group is dedicated to continuing its work on climate protection and sustainability, with a view to creating a better future for society and the environment.



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