Reducing Carbon Footprint & Safeguarding UK Manufacturing Future  

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Reducing Carbon Footprint & Safeguarding UK Manufacturing Future  

Mar 02 2010

Corus (formerly British steel) turned to Spooner Industries (UK) to help them realise an energy saving project which aimed to reduce the gas consumption by 45%. The colour coat line, based at Corus in Shotton, produces painted steel strip where the paint is applied and dried in an oven system. The finished materials are used in the construction industry, for example the new Spooner facility is finished almost entirely in painted steel, as well as being used for household appliances such as refridgerators, washing machines and dishwashers.

In partnership with American company, Anguil Environmental Systems, Spooner provided Corus with a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO) which destroys the harmful solvents evaporated in the process and recovers over 85% of the energy required to destroy the solvents. Since the installation of the Spooner Anguil oxidiser, Corus is on course to save 60% in the gas use, over £1million a year, and reduce CO2 emissions on the plant by over 1 tonne every hour, nearly 8,000 tonnes per year. In addition to the oxidiser, a secondary heat exchanger recovers energy by pre heating the air going into the ovens. Spooner Industries manufacture bespoke ovens, dryers and pollution control equipment for a variety of markets worldwide.




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