• Rocktron to Build Eco-Mineral Goldmines in Asia!  

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Rocktron to Build Eco-Mineral Goldmines in Asia!  

Oct 11 2010

RockTron (UK), an innovative fly ash recycling technology company will launch RockTron Asia 2 years ahead of schedule! Malaysia will be the first to witness RockTron’s breakthrough technology, which can recycle 100% of both fresh AND stockpiled coal-fired power station waste (fly ash) on an industrial scale, without any waste stream! This British technology is a proven world first and could cut global man-made CO2 emissions by up to 2%! www.rktron.com.my

Over 2 billion tonnes fly ash is dumped in landfills sites around the world. It is made up of very valuable industrial raw materials, which we have been throwing away for decades because there was no means of recycling it. RockTron has developed the technology to do just that! Its new UK plant located at Fiddler’s Ferry in the UK is now online, capable of transforming 800,000 tonnes of fly ash p.a. into valuable eco-minerals on an industrial scale.

RockTron’s is unique closed wet system, designed to recycle both fresh AND stockpiled fly ash, representing a fundamental advantage over previous technologies. As a direct result, RockTron has solved the problems of large-scale waste storage and removal while conserving valuable natural resources and helping some of the worst offending industries cut their CO2 emissions. Fly ash mountains and landfills will no longer be created, enabling site remediation and local environmental improvements.

RockTron’s proprietary process offers a consistent year-round supply of five new, high performance eco-mineral products, four of which are naturally spherical; including hollow and solid alumino-silicate microspheres (<1 to 300 micron) and solid paramagnetic microspheres. They can be used as fillers and extenders in rubber, elastomers, thermoplastics, thermosets and as substitutes in all forms of concrete. Wide manufacturing applications include: automotive, aviation, tyres, paints and coatings, flooring, cabling, piping, construction and domestic appliances – the list is endless! All RockTron’s Advanced Products offer comparable or superior product performance with estimated cost savings of between 25%-40%.

RockTron Asia’s Chairman, Malaysia’s highly respected senior politician: Y. Bhg. Dato’ Mohd Yazid Dato’ Haji Baba said: “We can dramatically cut manufacturers’ costs and their CO2 emissions. RockTron’s unique process removes the fly ash tips and lagoons that pollute our planet, proving what is good for business can also be good for the environment!”



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