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Gas-Phase air filtration

Jun 09 2009

Purafil (USA), a leading manufacturer of air filtration systems for the removal of odours and gaseous pollutants, recently announced the revolutionary GridBLOK™ technology, which is housed within the PuraGRID™ filter, as the newest additions to its product line. The GridBLOK consists of an extruded monolithic block containing a large number of small, parallel cells or channels. Each GridBLOK is a self-supporting grid structure composed of essentially 100% absorbent materials, thereby allowing the entire composite structure to serve as a gas filter.

The GridBLOK maximises gas-phase air filtration and performance. This technology provides energy savings with a lower pressure drop than granular media, more efficient gas removal with turbulent flow, and the full utilization of the media as it eliminates bypass and the necessity for a final filter with its dust-free design.   The GridBLOK is available in four media compositions: the Purakol® GridBLOK, Puracarb® GridBLOK, Puracarb® AM GridBLOK and Chlorosorb® GridBLOK. Each variation combats several gaseous contaminants and they can be combined to provide the best performance in a wide range of applications. The PuraGRID filters are available in five standard sizes for both two-inch and four-inch filters. The GridBLOK technology along with the PuraGRID filter successfully adds to Purafil’s family of products.   For over 40 years, Purafil has been the world leader in the designing, engineering and manufacturing of gas-phase air filtration systems, air monitors and media. Purafil maintains nearly 20,000 installations in cleanroom, commercial, industrial, archival and water-wastewater treatment settings worldwide.


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