• Deep, cost-effective H2S removal with >98% uptime

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Deep, cost-effective H2S removal with >98% uptime

Feb 16 2009

Many industries produce gas and air streams containing H2S. Removal of H2S is required for reasons of health, safety and corrosion of equipment, such as gas engines and piping.

The THIOPAQ®Scrubber of Paques bv, market leader in the field of biological water and gas treatment, can be applied for a wide range of H2S containing gas streams. The process can, for instance, be integrated into all biological, anaerobic treatment systems. After treatment, the biogas can easily be utilized as fuel to generate electricity, steam or heat.

Key advantages of THIOPAQ®:
  • H2S removal down to 25 ppm on average
  • Peak loads can be effectively handled
  • High uptime
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • No addition of air to the biogas
  • Over 15 years of operating experience, with almost 100 references

A case study: Performance of THIOPAQ® at WWTP Industriewater Eerbeek, the Netherlands

The challenge:

At Industriewater, wastewater of three paper mills is treated with a BIOPAQ®UASB. The biogas produced contains 8000 ppm H2S, which is too high to directly utilize it in a gas turbine. 

The solution:

The biogas that is produced, is desulphurized by a THIOPAQ® Scrubber. This process offers direct conversion of H2S to sulphur.

The benefits:

With an average daily production of 12000 Nm3 biogas per day, Industriewater generates 1.1 MWh per day.


Process facts:

The figure below shows that despite the large fluctuations in both biogas flow and H2S content, the outflow of H2S is stable and well below 50 ppm. This remarkable flexibility is combined with an uptime of over 99%. Furthermore, the operational costs are low. The THIOPAQ® -process requires little caustic and nutrients, and no additional chemicals.


Visit our website www.paques.nl for more information or contact us at info@paques.nl or +31 514 608500.



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