• Houlder and Shell join forces in maritime decarbonisation effort

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Houlder and Shell join forces in maritime decarbonisation effort

Jul 24 2023

In a significant move towards combatting carbon emissions in the maritime industry, design and engineering consultancy firm, Houlder, and Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited (Shell), have entered into a collaborative partnership. Their shared goal is to identify, assess, and advance solutions that will expedite the decarbonisation of maritime operations.

This collaboration will encompass a broad range of initiatives, including retrofitting existing vessels and designing new ships that align with cleaner technologies. Market research, technical analysis, safety assessments, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategies will all be explored as part of the comprehensive approach.

Rupert Hare, CEO at Houlder, emphasised the urgency of adopting technology pathways that lead to a net-zero emissions future by 2050, while acknowledging the importance of supportive regulations. He expressed the company's commitment to fostering change and lauded the collaboration with Shell as a forward-thinking cornerstone of their efforts.

Jonathan Strachan, Chief Technical Officer at Houlder, emphasised the myriad of decarbonisation solutions available to the maritime industry. The challenge lies in selecting the right solutions tailored to specific ship types and operational profiles. The collaboration with Shell is expected to leverage technical design and engineering expertise to make well-informed decarbonisation decisions.

The ultimate vision shared by Shell and Houlder is to witness commercially operational ships with reduced emissions sailing by the 2030s. Achieving this ambitious goal will require a combination of existing technologies and fuels, while acknowledging that more radical changes will be necessary to align with the International Maritime Organisation's net-zero emissions target by 2050.

Safety is paramount in this endeavour, as the adoption of new technologies and procedures may introduce unforeseen risks. Both Houlder and Shell are fully committed to managing and eliminating potential risks through robust safety protocols and adherence to industry standards.

The recent collaboration agreement follows Houlder's announcement of its involvement with Shell in the concept design of liquid hydrogen (LH2) carriers and hydrogen cargo or fuel studies. Additionally, the agreement aligns with the IMO's MEPC 80 meeting and revised greenhouse gas strategy, emphasising the need for a unified industry approach to achieve greener solutions.

This joint effort by Houlder and Shell signals a major stride towards a more sustainable maritime industry, where cleaner technologies and innovative designs pave the way for a greener future on the open waters.



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