• Shipping Industry CO2 & OPEX savings for NOx compliance versus SCR system

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Shipping Industry CO2 & OPEX savings for NOx compliance versus SCR system

Mar 16 2023

FUELSAVE, a leading provider of fuel-efficient and emissions reduction technology for the shipping industry, has completed successful trials of a new component for its gas and liquid clean fuel injection system. The EGR+ add-on for the FS MARINE+ injection system enables ships' internal combustion engines to surpass International Maritime Organization (IMO) Tier III standards for reducing nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions.

The trial results have shown that the EGR+ component can reduce operational expenses (OPEX) by up to 8% compared to costly selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. The EGR+ system also opens the door to significant additional fuel cost savings due to its engine-tuning potential and carbon intensity indicator (CII) rating improvements for shipowners and operators.

By incorporating concepts from waste heat recovery and enhanced exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), the FS MARINE+ EGR add-on creates a NOx buffer that can optimize engine efficiency by traditional means such as optimizing cylinder pressures and ignition timing. This NOx buffer also enables a new emission tier while providing additional optimization potential for increasing overall efficiency and cost savings by lowering fuel consumption.

Ships that reduce their NOx emissions are eligible for benefits from major ports, such as discounts on port dues, charter preference, reduced costs for classification services, and lower insurance premiums.

Marc Sima, CEO and Co-Founder of FUELSAVE, expressed his delight at the trial results, stating that the new component's synergies with the FS MARINE+ injection system surpass IMO Tier III standards for reducing NOx emissions while providing OPEX savings and a smaller footprint compared to SCR systems.

Overall, the FUELSAVE EGR+ system provides a cost-effective and practical alternative to costly SCR systems, simplifying IMO Tier III compliance for shipowners and operators.



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