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Next Generation Low Concentration VOC Incinerators

Apr 03 2009

Formia (Finland) has launched a new product series for the treatment of volatile organic compounds, VOCs, to meet the ever tightening European Union regulations and standards for minimising the release of VOCs. The new products are based on an innovative design, which combines the best robust catalytic technology with efficient heat exchangers for the highly effective treatment of gases with low VOC concentration.

The EU is planning to introduce new, tougher standards to further reduce hydrocarbon emissions and this will also impact less polluting lean VOC sources. Smart VOC LV is suitable for low VOC emissions of up to 0.5 g/Nm3, which are typical in the paint, printing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. While Smart VOC LV is particularly suitable for low emissions it can also handle the occasional higher concentrations that often occur during processes.
Low operational cost and compact design
Incineration of low concentration VOCs usually requires input of additional support energy to maintain incineration and support energy is the major cost item in lean VOC incineration. The Formia Smart VOC LV uses active carbon or zeolites to adsorb the VOC gas, before burning it in a precious metal catalyst. This enables the processing of low VOC concentrations without the need for supporting energy so offering very low operational cost. Formia’s solution needs supporting energy only to start the incineration process.
Other innovative and value-adding features are its small size and low maintenance costs. The Smart VOC LV has been designed to fit into a freight container for easy transportation and rapid installation. It only requires connections to a gas pipe line, compressed air and electricity for operation. Maximum processing capacity in a 20 foot standard container installation is 30,000 m3 per hour.
The unit’s own computer control system allows operating conditions to be set and changed with ease. In addition, it offers the facility for alarms and programming instructions to be transmitted to PCs or mobile phones. Formia Service Oy offers maintenance services of Smart VOC LV systems everywhere in the EU.


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