• Advanced Oxidation Technologies for COD & TOC Oxidative Destruction

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Advanced Oxidation Technologies for COD & TOC Oxidative Destruction

Sep 21 2009

The enormous diversity of toxic and organic pollutants of different chemical composition and the tightening environmental standards eliminates the possibility of using a universal treatment method and has led to the development of special treatment methods for water & gas decontamination.

Advanced Oxidation Technologies (AOTs) are among the most promising emerging oxidation processes and are anticipated to play a crucial role in water & gas treatment as stand-alone processes or in combination with conventional technologies.

Among advanced oxidation technologies, the CATADOX process is of particular interest because of high efficiency and environmentally friendly features. The CATADOX process was developed, designed and tested by ESCO International.

Several AOP plants have already been successfully supplied to treat industrial process water. The largest AOP systems have been designed to treat 300 and 600 m3/h for TOC (total organic carbon) reduction.

Optimisation of the AOP operating parameters was necessary in order to meet the required TOC reduction of 75% as depicted in the test results.

The process uses unique combinations of ozone, UV, hydrogen peroxide and if needed a proprietary catalyst to enable municipal & industrial customers to meet stringent environmental and water reuse/reclaim standards.

The CATADOX can efficiently treat a wide range of recalcitrant & xenobiotic organic contaminants and concentrations and is very effective in challenging applications such as non-biodegradable COD, TOC reduction and VOCs abatement.

ESCO International solutions & technologies (UK) provide an innovative portfolio of technical services and equipment, specializing in Ozone, UV and a selection of engineered advanced oxidation processes and solutions for water, wastewater, gas effluents and odour treatment.


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