• Empowering businesses to achieve carbon reduction goals
    Figure: Overview on how our Puremetrics™ solution works.

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Empowering businesses to achieve carbon reduction goals

Oct 16 2023

Daphne Technology has unveiled a series of developments and enhancements for their innovative PureMetrics™ solution. To provide some context, PureMetrics™ stands as an advanced system designed to directly measure and report real-time GHG emissions. This approach eliminates the reliance on fuel consumption estimates, ensuring utmost accuracy and compliance with critical regulations such as the European Union Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (EU MRV) and International Maritime Organization Data Collection System (IMO DCS). Notably, PureMetrics™ achieved approval in principle from Lloyd's Register in June 2023 at Nor-Shipping, further solidifying its position as a game-changing solution in emissions management.

New Features: Reporting to MRV and DCR, GHG Optimisation, and more
PureMetrics™ continues to evolve with the integration of established systems for reporting and verification. Users can now benefit from reporting to MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification) and DCR (Data Collection and Reporting) standards, ensuring compliance and transparency in emissions collection and reporting and enabling accurate estimation of the carbon intensity of goods transported by sea.

Daphne Technology is proud to release PureMetrics-Compare, which allows users to combine noon reporting fuel consumption with direct measurement against current factoring methods. This is of great benefit to users as they will assess the baseline of other emissions, such as methane slip, typically unknown to users and only known to engine makers. The feature provides users with the ability to align the period selection on a timeline. For maritime assets, users can also view the location of the assets and where the most emissions are present, either at port or sea, in a timeline or a heatmap.


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