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Odour Control System for Landfill Site

Jul 11 2008

Background - Biffa Waste Services Limited is a leading integrated waste management business in the UK, which operates across the breadth of the waste management value chain. Biffa operate a landfill site accepting industrial and commercial waste in the village of Bramford, near Ipswich.
Challenge - The waste arriving at Bramford Landfill Site is inevitably odourous. The site had not been receiving any odour complaints however; the close proximity of residential housing, combined with plans to begin tipping closer to them meant that the potential for problems was likely. Site Manager, Amie Jenner was keen to be proactive and install an odour control system to maintain good community relations.
Solution - Air Spectrum has Spectrum Pacific installations at other Biffa Landfill sites including Ugley, Attlebridge, Brockhurst Wood and Redhill. Amie had first hand experience of Air Spectrum’s effective odour control systems at Redhill, Surrey. So Amie had no hesitation in contacting the company to provide a solution for this site. Air Spectrum’s Sales Manager, David Castle surveyed the site and proposed the company’s “Spectrum Pacific” odour control system be installed.
Amie commented that she had asked two other potential suppliers to provide a solution. However, Amie chose Air Spectrum “as they offered a more flexible system.” She also stated “Air Spectrum made sure that the system fitted with my budget. They gave me several options. This system allows me to add extras and swap things around as and when I need to. It allows me to be flexible as the site changes.” The Spectrum Pacific is a high-pressure water based system and is specifically designed to overcome odour emissions from widespread areas such as landfill sites. The system pumps water and Spectrum Odour Neutraliser through nozzle line located along the site boundary. The resulting atomised mist acts as an effective barrier to control the odour emission. The stainless steel construction of the control cabinet means it is fully waterproof and can be located outside. The system can be controlled by a 7-day timer and wind switch or weather station to ensure minimal operation is required and odour control assured.
Results - Through installing the Spectrum Pacific System Amie has been able to demonstrate to local residents that the site is offering a means of controlling the odour emissions from site.
Amie commented that the system had operated effectively since it had been installed and would recommend Air Spectrum to anyone considering installing an odour control system. Amie was also keen to point out that Air Spectrum’s site engineers “were really helpful. They were extremely thorough in their explanation of how the system should be operated ensuring I was entirely happy.
They didn’t install the system and then vanish!”


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