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Cutting marine emissions

Dec 21 2022

Ardmore Shipping Corporation, a leading product and chemical tanker company, has ordered Value Maritime's Filtree system for six of its MR Tankers. The system filters sulphur, CO2, and 99% of ultra-fine particulate matter from the tankers' exhaust streams and uses a Clean Loop mechanism to filter its own washing water, removing oil residues and particulate matter. The Filtree units will be installed in Europe and Asia during regularly scheduled drydocks, ensuring no disruption to Ardmore's commercial activities.

The Filtree system aligns with Ardmore's energy transition ambitions and will make the tankers Carbon Capture ready for collecting CO2 emissions onboard in the future. By removing sulphur from the exhaust gas flow, Ardmore can cut its emissions while continuing to use more cost-effective high-sulphur fuel, improving vessel performance and maintenance requirements. The Filtree system offers a rapid return on investment.

Through its Energy Transition Plan, Ardmore aims to play a pivotal role in the industry's goal of reaching net-zero emissions. To achieve this, Ardmore is finding technologies that promote the roll-out and short-term implementation of alternative fuels and identifying and implementing fuel efficiency technologies that lead the way to a sustainable future for the tanker industry.

Value Maritime designed the Filtree as a plug and play system, which will be outfitted with a modular CO2 capture and storage system to help reduce emissions when this becomes viable. CO2 is captured from a vessel's exhaust and stored in tanks onboard, then discharged onshore where it can be used in the sustainable cultivation of greenhouse crops, methanol plants, and even the food industry.


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