• Car seat maker meets local authority emission control targets

Air Clean Up

Car seat maker meets local authority emission control targets

Mar 05 2009

Johnson Controls of Wednesbury in England has turned to AirProtekt (UK) to help meet the challenge of tight air quality emission controls imposed by its local authority.

Johnson Controls’ Wednesbury facility produces car seats for major automotive vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Mini and Range Rover. Polyurethane foam is a vital ingredient of the car seat construction. Naphtha, created as a waste product during the processing of the polyurethane foam at the plant, is a potentially noxious chemical that has to be stopped from being emitted to the local environment.

To remove the naphtha and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) AirProtekt supplied a Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) system manufactured by Lufttechnik Bayreuth (LTB) of Germany.



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