• New UV Lamp Technology Introduced at IFAT  


New UV Lamp Technology Introduced at IFAT  

Aug 24 2010

LIT UV (The Netherlands) is introducing its next generation of UV-lamps, the LIT UV DB500 at the 2010 edition of the IFAT Exhibition in Germany. LIT’s UV lamp researchers have worked intense on the development of this new lamp that offers many advantages to its users. With the development and introduction of this DB500 Lamp technology LIT UV is showing its leading position in the development of high power, high efficient UV-C lamps.

The successful predecessors DB300 and DB350 UV lamp technologies have become industrial standard products which are renowned for their efficiency, reliability and durability. Extending this successful experience with further lamp research and development has resulted in the more powerful high efficient DB500 lamp.

LIT’s Lamp researchers have been able to compress more power at high efficiency in a compact lamp structure. LIT UV DB500 lamp technology reduces power consumption and lamp replacement and consequently the carbon footprint to less than ⅓ in comparison to conventional Medium Pressure lamp technologies.

Installation savings:

  • Optimized Equipment Cost
  • Compact Foot Print
  • Horizontal or Vertical installation → Flexibility in application design

Operational savings:

  • High Efficiency → Low Energy Consumption
  • Durability → Low Lamp Replacement Frequency
  • Competitive Lamp Price → Low Lamp Replacement Cost

LIT UV has already developed a full line of DB500 products, tuned for the specific process requirements in potable water, wastewater, aquaculture and industrial applications.

The advantages of the DB500 lamp are beneficial for all kinds of applications and capacities. Therefore you will find equipment with LIT UV DB500 lamp technology in small industrial up to large scale municipal installations.


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