• Kemira DesinFix® - For safe water reuse Waste water disinfection of the SEVA industrial water

Kemira DesinFix® - For safe water reuse Waste water disinfection of the SEVA industrial water

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The state-of-the-art Kemira DesinFix® disinfection technology is built to meet your requirements as well as those of the environment. DesinFix is a complete disinfection technology including chemicals, equipment and related services.

It is developed to meet the demands of waste water disinfection for water reuse applications such as:
• agricultural and landscape irrigation
• recreational applications (meeting the requirements of the EU bathing water directive)
• industrial water reuse applications such as disinfection of internal service water

The active product (DEX 135) is produced on site from two precursor components in the Kemira reaction unit (DEX-3). The two initial products are produced in accordance with Kemira’s special disinfection quality. Only water and CO2 remain as end products after the disinfection. Since April 2010, the DesinFix procedure is being tested at a large scale at the Sindlingen (Germany) SEVA to find out whether this method can be an alternative to the current disinfection with ClO2.

The Frankfurt am Main city controls two of the largest waste water treatment plants (ARA) in Hessen. It also controls a sludge drainage and incineration plant (SEVA) exclusively for incinerating Sludge. The waste water treatment plants are in Niederrad (1.35 million inhabitants) and Sindlingen (470,000 inhabitants) with inlets from the municipal area of Frankfurt am Main and various other neighboring districts. Approximately 800 m3/h of the treated water is used in the ARA Sindlingen for internal processes at SEVA and ARA. Before being used, this waste water flow is directed through a rotation sieve; a branch current of 150-250 m3/h is disinfected. Currently, chlorine dioxide is being used for this purpose. It is produced on site with sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid. The salinity of the water increases slightly with sodium chloride on adding the disinfectant to it.

In the large-scale experiment for disinfecting treated waste water for production of industrial water in Frankfurt am Main Sindlingen, it can be seen that the DesinFix method is an interesting alternative to the currently used disinfection methods. Long-term results from other plants have already shown that the requirements of the EU
Bathing Water Bodies Guideline are met definitively and reliably.


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